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Here’s How your Weight Affects your Sciatica Pain

Losing unwanted pounds and maintaining a healthy weight is about more than just looking and feeling good in your clothes. Excess weight puts added pressure and strain on your spine, joints, and nerves, and adds to your sciatica pain in a number of ways.

Oct 1st, 2019
Why it's So Important to Stay Active with Arthritis

Arthritis is a chronic condition causing joint pain and stiffness. Sore, stiff joints may hurt when you move or perform daily activities, but staying active is one of the best methods to manage arthritis and keep it from getting worse. Learn more here.

Sep 1st, 2019
Drug-Free Solutions to Chronic Back Pain

Millions of Americans are plagued by chronic back pain. Rather than turning to pain medication, natural alternatives can put you on the path to a healthy, pain-free future.

Aug 1st, 2019
Real Risks of Back Surgery

When your pain level has reached high enough to affect your mobility and independence, you may be considering a surgical option for relief but don’t be so quick to jump to that solution before considering the risks of the surgery.

Dec 19th, 2017
Meniscus Tears

Healing your meniscus tear is important for your overall, long term health! Don’t let a meniscus tear keep you from the best things in life– you can heal meniscus damage and tears naturally, without the risks of surgery and medications.

Mar 22nd, 2017
ACL & MCL Damage/Tears

Is an ACL or MCL Injury Holding You Back? Finally, a way to treat your knee pain quickly and safely, without the need for surgery!

Feb 21st, 2017
Knee Arthritis

Painful Knee Arthritis Doesn’t Have to Define You Any Longer! Avoid medications and surgery, and heal your knee arthritis naturally and effectively.

Feb 20th, 2017
Cervical Osteoarthritis

As we age, the muscles bones and tissue in our bodies begin to degenerate and cause pain and limited mobility. The upper back and neck are not immune to this degeneration and can be at risk for cervical osteoarthritis.

Jan 16th, 2017