ACL & MCL Damage/Tears

Is an ACL or MCL Injury Holding You Back?

Finally, a way to treat your knee pain quickly and safely, without the need for surgery!

The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and the MCL (medial collateral ligament) are the soft tissues that provide internal support for the knee, important for keeping it strong and stable. Damage to these supportive tissues can make walking and every movement difficult and painful. These areas are some of the most commonly injured, often because of a twisting or overextension of the knee, causing painful tears in the ligaments. In the past, injuries to the soft tissues inside the knee and other joints were notoriously difficult to treat, and tended to take a long time for the body to repair by itself.

If you’ve suffered an injury to your ACL, MCL, or other supportive tissues, you know it can be painful, debilitating,and exhausting. You also know that a debilitating condition like this can take away precious time and energy from your daily life. To fully recover from ACL and MCL injuries, it may take months and months of applying ice and heat, rest, and regular physiotherapy. Even under the best of circumstances, there is a high risk of injuring the area again before it has the chance to fully heal.

Left untreated, knee damage can lead to other health problems in the future, and symptoms may return then continue to reappear. Healing an ACL or MCL injury quickly and safely is important for your overall and long term health. Chronic inflammation, swelling, and symptoms of arthritis can develop in the knee and throughout the body. Over time and without treatment, this kind of injury can cause irreversible damage, and eventually lead to early deterioration of the joints and bones.

Many people try relieving their pain with dangerous prescription medications, but fail to repair the damage and underlying cause of the pain, and their condition becomes chronic. The side effects can be harmful, and even hinder the body’s ability to heal. In some cases, reconstructive surgery may seem to be the last possible treatment option to consider. The good news is there are now safe, non-invasive alternatives available to treat and heal ACL and MCL damage for good.

With knee injuries being among the most common of all injuries in the US, the need for safe and effective treatment options has increased. This need has triggered new developments in regenerative medicine, making it possible to stimulate the naturally healing processes of your own body to reduce inflammation and healing time– even eliminate the need for medications and surgery! Find out more about the safe way to treat your ACL or MCL injury, and get results.

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