Knee Arthritis

Painful Knee Arthritis Doesn’t Have to Define You Any Longer!

Avoid medications and surgery, and heal your knee arthritis naturally and effectively.

Arthritis is the result of inflammation within the joints, and can affect the whole body or a very specific area. The knees are joints that are constantly in use, and are the most vulnerable to arthritis, whether rheumatoid or osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is often caused by an overactive immune system, while osteoarthritis is inflammation typically caused by the eventual deterioration of cartilage that comes with years of use. Either type can be triggered by a previous injury or related to the aging process, but both have similar symptoms such as: chronic pain, tenderness, stiffness, grating sensations, swelling, inflammation, loss of flexibility, and limited range of motion.

Arthritis in the knees can have a serious impact on your everyday life, and keep you from spending your time doing what you enjoy most. Simply walking and squatting can aggravate the condition and inflame the joints, even after it seems to have healed. For those suffering from knee arthritis, enjoying things like gardening or exercising can quickly become a thing of the past. The pain and swelling seem to take over your life, and prescription medications or surgery may feel like the only way to finally get relief.

Without treatment, knee arthritis can continue to have a negative impact on your health for years to come. If the damaged or worn tissues are not repaired, the moving bones have no support, and fragile bones can begin to rub and wear down themselves. Because it is so painful, the important ability to exercise and maintain regular movement of the joint may decrease, allowing scar tissue to build. Scar tissue contributes to joint stiffness and inflammation, further limits mobility, and continues to hinder the healing process. If cartilage is not fully healed, it is easy for symptoms to reappear, and the condition to become chronic.

The traditional treatments for arthritis have always fallen a bit short. Full recovery can take months, and the area is very susceptible to being injured again during this time. With only the typical treatments like physiotherapy, ice, heat, compression, and rest, many people still suffer from arthritic symptoms. This happens because the damaged tissue does not have a chance to completely heal before the condition is aggravated again.

Pain medications only cover up the pain, and surgery has many risks with few guarantees of resolving the underlying problem. For those with knee arthritis, it has become increasingly important to find ways to stimulate the natural healing processes of the body, reduce inflammation, and lessen the development of scar tissue in the joints.

Exciting new developments in regenerative medicine are changing the game when it comes to treating arthritis in the knees. You no longer have to rely on pain medications with dangerous side effects, steroid injections, or even consider the risks of surgery– there is a better way! There is a safe and natural way to finally heal your knee arthritis for good.

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