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“I was in constant pain for over a year in my back. I tried physical therapy, prescription pain meds and spinal injections. Nothing was working. About 4 days ago, before my appointment with my surgeon, I saw an ad on Facebook for back pain. For some unusual reason I actually paused and watched it. I believe it was God taping my shoulder, so I listened. I am so grateful for that tap! Just two weeks into this treatment I have experienced tremendous pain relief. I was very skeptical about this plan working after trying so many other treatments. This facility has changed my life! I talk to everyone who will listen about my life changing experience here. I would 100% recommend Infinite Wellness of Kansas City to anyone have chronic pain. The treatments are unbelievably successful. Not only that, I have never been to a business where the entire staff is so caring and kind. The minute you walk in the energy you feel is so positive. The whole staff is full of empathy and they are truly happy people. I have been treated with great kindness even when my pain caused me to be not so kind back. They just keep smiling and giving unlimited encouragement. They are giving me my life back. It is hard to find the words that describe how wonderful they have made me feel!”

- Kelly S.

“When I came in my back was in bad shape with the potential to get worse. The people here were a blessing in disguise. As a mailman my back needs to be in good shape and coming here has done that. The doctors and nurses are the best. Everyone does their part, but most importantly I have to do mine. Stretching at home, icing my back, and taking my supplements 3 times a day is crucial to my success. I would be suffering if I had not come here. Now I am smiling and taking my health more seriously. I would definitely recommend this place if you want to get your life back on track.”

- DJ A.

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